basic circuit board design

basic circuit board design

To enhance reliability, we offer special processes such as conformal coating and selective wave soldering in circuit board builds.

Product Details

To enhance reliability, we offer special processes such as conformal coating and selective wave soldering in circuit board builds.

Special Process

For automotive, medical and other markets where products are relative to human life and security, special manufacturing capability, such as, conformal coating and selective soldering are required to enhance reliability. 

Conformal Coating

To meet customer need, Maxway facility is equipped with conformal coating machine. Customers with higher quality requirements benefit from this treatment as it can,

? Protect the electronic assembly from harsh / extreme environments

? Prevent damages from rough handling

? Prolong the life of the product

? Enable PCB design compact and small by increasing conductors dielectric strength

Selective Soldering

Maxway is also equipped with selective soldering machine to achieve higher reliability by preventing damages to surrounding parts that have been previously soldered in a surface-mount reflow process.

1, After years of hard work, Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd's basic circuit board design has been selected by many global brands. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd outdo its similar-looking competitors in basic circuit board design area with its grand technical strength. We use latest printing technology to make our printed products outstanding and adorable in market.

2, basic circuit board design is made by using good quality material and latest machine technology under the supervision of the team of the experts and professionals. A high standard basic circuit board design production base has been established by Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd have been working hard to become the basic circuit board design leading companies.

3, High-end PCB will be delivered within 10days, Maxway Is China'S Leading Manufacturer, Supplier And Exporter Of. basic circuit board design is not only reflected in Maxway's products and technologies, but also reflected in our strategy and business model. Maxway PCB is the exclusive provider of these world-class basic circuit board design in the brand name of Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd.

4, In our full-facility workshops, we can undertake most projects and can manufacture all types of basic circuit board design. This basic circuit board design is sturdily constructed to provide optimum efficiency to the user. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of basic circuit board design.

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