eagle pcb

eagle pcb

To enhance reliability, we offer special processes such as conformal coating and selective wave soldering in circuit board builds.

Product Details

To enhance reliability, we offer special processes such as conformal coating and selective wave soldering in circuit board builds.

Special Process

For automotive, medical and other markets where products are relative to human life and security, special manufacturing capability, such as, conformal coating and selective soldering are required to enhance reliability. 

Conformal Coating

To meet customer need, Maxway facility is equipped with conformal coating machine. Customers with higher quality requirements benefit from this treatment as it can,

? Protect the electronic assembly from harsh / extreme environments

? Prevent damages from rough handling

? Prolong the life of the product

? Enable PCB design compact and small by increasing conductors dielectric strength

Selective Soldering

Maxway is also equipped with selective soldering machine to achieve higher reliability by preventing damages to surrounding parts that have been previously soldered in a surface-mount reflow process.

1, Partnering with Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd also allows customers to leverage the offerings and scale of a global technology company with the individual dedication and attention to detail of a local engineering and manufacturing staff that focus on a customer's design, component and quickturn manufacturing needs. The quality management and safety production management are standardized. Through several years of operation, Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd has formed mature management system.

2, The cultivation of professional talents and high-level technology helps the production of popular eagle pcb. Our quality analysts make sure that the products are at par with international quality standards. Maxway has become renowned for its high quality with respect to design, development, manufacture, and standardization.

3, We consistently grow alongside our customers to create the next generation eagle pcb solutions, enabling our partners to remain advantaged in their markets. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd has worked hard in eagle pcb industry for decades of years. Equipped with high precision components and manufactured with latest technology, Maxway are used for.

4, It is worth for Maxway to hold on to the principle of eagle pcb foremost the best, through which we have gained many high comments. We take pride in having a comprehensive range of product line to satisfy most of the needs of our esteemed customers. Customers and operators appreciate our products' reliability, durability.

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