14/5000 PCB bǎn de céng shì shénme yìsi? What does the layer of the PCB mean?

- Nov 10, 2018-

PCB is divided into single-panel, double-panel, multi-layer board. Is this classification based on the number of layers to remember the old-fashioned radio when I was a child? There is only one side of the PCB inside, and the components are soldered on this line. This is a single panel. When the circuit becomes complicated, the wiring density of the circuit increases, and the PCB layer of the same area cannot accommodate so many lines, so it is added to two or more layers. Conductive hole connections between the layers have been achieved for conduction. The layer mentioned above refers to copper, and a layer of copper constitutes the original layer of PCB. However, the PCB we see is not a whole piece of copper, but a line. These lines are chemically etched away from the excess of the original layer of copper, leaving only the results of the line we want. Then, the layers are glued together with an insulating resin, and the holes mentioned above are also made in the resin, so that there are various layers of PCB.

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