Pcb board material type

- May 28, 2018-

Many PCB materials, such as glass fiberboard, paper substrates, metal substrates, as well as plastic-based, many, high-frequency PTFE, etc.

PCB type

A. In terms of material

a. Organic materials

Phenolic resin, glass fiber/epoxy resin, Polyimide, BT/Epoxy, etc.

b. Inorganic materials

Aluminum, Copper-invar-copper, ceramic and so on. Mainly for its cooling function

B. Distinguish between finished hard and soft

a. Hardboard Rigid PCB

b. Flexible PCBs Figure 1.3

c. Rigid-Flex PCB See Figure 1.4

C. Structure points

D. By Usage: Communication/Consumer Electronics/Military/Computer/Semiconductor/Power Meters..., see Figure 1.8 BGA.

Another type of three-dimensional PCB that is injection molded is not described here because it is used sparingly.

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