Signal Integrity Analysis in High Speed Digital PCB Board Design 1

- Aug 01, 2018-

As the output switching speed of integrated circuits increases and the density of PCB boards increases, signal integrity (Signal Integrity) has become one of the issues that must be concerned with high-speed digital PCB design. The parameters of components and PCBs, and the layout of components on the PCB. Factors such as the wiring of high-speed signal lines can cause signal integrity problems. For PCB layout, signal integrity needs to provide a board layout that does not affect signal timing or voltage. For circuit wiring, signal integrity is Termination components, layout strategies, and wiring information are required. High signal speed on the PCB, incorrect layout of the termination components, or incorrect wiring of high-speed signals can cause signal integrity problems, which may cause the system to output incorrect data, the circuit does not work properly, or does not work at all, how to be on the PCB board. Full consideration of signal integrity factors and effective control measures in the design process has become a hot topic in the PCB design industry today.

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