When using 3M cold shrink cable connector

- May 22, 2018-

Use 3M cold shrink cable connector to pay attention to what matters?

 1, because the 3M shrinkable cable joints into the water will seriously affect the life of the cable or even a short circuit accident, so remember not to install 3M cold shrink cable connector in rainy days.

 2, according to the required 3M cold shrinkable cable connector model standards to select the appropriate connector material, the market is now 3M cold shrinkable cable connector material quality varies greatly, in order to ensure the quality of 3M shrinkable cable connector, to pick the quality of trustworthy Cable connector manufacturers, remember not to be unwilling to choose cheap and untrustworthy manufacturers

 3. Keep in mind that the 3M cold-shrink cable connector for single-core armored cable above 10kV can only be grounded at one end of the strip.

 4. Before manufacturing the 3M cold shrinkable cable connector, be sure to read carefully the product manual of the cable manufacturer. It is especially important for the 10KV and above 3M cold shrink cable connector. Before you do it, you must think of all the processes.

 5, in the use of 3M cold shrinkable cable attachment torch, to move the torch back and forth, remember that you can not only continue to fire in one direction.

 6, must be strictly in accordance with the size of the 3M cold shrink cable connector drawings to do, especially in the withdrawal of the support in the reserved tube, we must be more careful.

 7, brass pressure as long as the limit can be received, not too hard! After crimping, the copper end surface will inevitably have many prominent points, this time must use a file to flatten the convex starting point, pay attention to 3M shrinkable cable attachment can not stay There are any glitches.

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