pc board design

pc board design

Maxway specializes in cable assembly, cable harness, custom cable assembly and harness, wire harness, wire assembly, and wire harness assembly services.

Product Details

Cost-effective cable and harness assembly

Maxway manufactures application–specific cable and harness assemblies for a large variety of products and markets including complex wire harness assemblies, pneumatic and fluid harnesses. Maxway delivers the highest quality products, whether your needs are low volume or production runs. Harnesses can be developed from drawings, sketches, or collaborative design efforts. We also offer custom assembly from simple discrete wire jumpers to complex multi–conductor shielded cable assemblies including fiber optic assemblies.

Harness board development services

Maxway specializes in coaxial and ribbon cable assemblies. Fixtures used for assembly of our harnesses accurately map out physical lengths, verify data, and offer revision control to ensure reliable and repeatable results. Maxway also provides harness-board developing services as well as developing backwired fixture boards to improve the speed of testing complex harnesses and shortening the delivery cycle time to customers.

The latest technology to meet the current market needs

Maxway has invested significantly in the latest automated, programmable Cirrus testers with the ability to test for continuity, hi–pot, and isolation to assure a reliable, accurate and consistent product. We can adapt any connector to our testers for quick and thorough evaluation.

Maxway has earned a reputation for dependability, versatility, and quality. Success has been the result of Maxway’s ability to establish a close partnership that generates significant value and ROI for each client. What are your organization’s needs? How can Maxway help you achieve your objectives?

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