pcb circuit design

pcb circuit design

Maxway is a turnkey EMS (electronic manufacturing service) one-stop shop capable of handling complex PCB production from fabrication to assembly for prototype and high volume productions.

Product Details

Low Cost Prototype Flex Circuit Boards

We offer low cost flex circuit board prototypes that can be ordered at a variety of lead times. With no minimum order quantities, you can order your flexible PCB prototypes online and have them in as little as 7 days with our available quick turn flex PCB solutions. You will only have to pay for tooling once when moving your flex circuit design into production.

Is Your Prototype Flex Circuit Ready For Production Quantities?

Send us your flex PCB data files and we will run a complete DFM check for manufacturability. Experience how our engineering support gives customers the most in-depth feedback, eliminating delays and quality problems discovered before fabrication.

1, Based on the requirements of customers, Maxway has been dedicated to developing pcb circuit design technology. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd boasts its strong R&D capability and has gained many patents for pcb circuit design. We focus on sectors where our company can boast the strongest expertise.

2, Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd has always set high demand on quality from material selection to package. As a well-known enterprise in pcb circuit design industry, what we are still sticking to is to guarantee each manufacture progress to ensure the quality of products. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd has a well-stocked warehouse to ensure adequate supply.

3, Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd strictly test quality of pcb circuit design before delivery. pcb circuit design is manufactured by Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd, which has skilled workers, strong R&D ability and highly strict quality control system. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd aspires for leadership in industry by exploiting the best of technology.

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