printed circuit board layers

printed circuit board layers

Maxway has expertise and experience in providing electronics box build, assembly solutions, custom box build, box build assembly and case assembly services to our customers.

Product Details

Our customers take advantage of tailored, flexible, configure-to-order, system integration and test services. We have considerable expertise in setting up flexible "lean lines".

These provide a total turnkey manufacturing environment for highly configurable, complex, "box build" products. They are typically two to 10 position, fast changeover, lines, enabling us to provide a responsive solution when demand is dynamic, but lead-times are short.

Our purchasing, logistics, inventory control and production engineering groups work together to deliver the highest levels of service consistently, in this most demanding aspect of the electronics manufacturing services business. Our track record of excellence when it comes to on-time/in full (OTIF) delivery speaks for itself.

Both our manufacturing facilities can offer you lean process design, leading to dedicated production lines or flexible cell manufacturing, incorporating assembly, test and packing with full traceability. This is supported by extensive engineering expertise in both electrical and mechanical assembly. And, as for all production processes, dedicated production fixtures can be designed and made as required.


Box-build, which is also referred to as systems integration, is an assembly work other than a printed circuit board (PCB) production. It is an electromechanical assembly process, which includes enclosure fabrication, installation and routing of cabling or wire harnesses, and installation of sub-assemblies and components. The box build can mean a PCB Assembly (PCBA) in a big cabinet full of wires, or a small enclosure, or a complex fully integrated electro-mechanical system with pneumatics and electronics.

1, Maxway has been committed to developing and designing the cost-effective printed circuit board layers. Today Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd has risen to become a leading Manufacturing technologies provider employing a staff of more than printed circuit board layers dedicated team members serving wide variety of industry segments. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the principal exporters, suppliers, distributors and traders of precisely developed and designed printed circuit board layers.

2, We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of printed circuit board layers. Maxway PCB's printed circuit board layers Are Simple In Design And Easy To Use. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd pays attention to the training and management of talents from the establishment.

3, As Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd upgrades and expands its printed circuit board layers, it creates the economies of large-scale production for many dealers. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd has a solid manufacture capability for printed circuit board layers. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd is strictly confident in the quality of printed circuit board layers and free sample is no problem for testing.

4, We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality printed circuit board layers that is available in numerous specifications. It is widely recognized that Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd has been the leading company in printed circuit board layers field. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd is active in printed circuit board layers market with advantages of technology.

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