tools for pcb design

tools for pcb design

To enhance reliability, we offer special processes such as conformal coating and selective wave soldering in circuit board builds.

Product Details

To enhance reliability, we offer special processes such as conformal coating and selective wave soldering in circuit board builds.

Special Process

For automotive, medical and other markets where products are relative to human life and security, special manufacturing capability, such as, conformal coating and selective soldering are required to enhance reliability. 

Conformal Coating

To meet customer need, Maxway facility is equipped with conformal coating machine. Customers with higher quality requirements benefit from this treatment as it can,

? Protect the electronic assembly from harsh / extreme environments

? Prevent damages from rough handling

? Prolong the life of the product

? Enable PCB design compact and small by increasing conductors dielectric strength

Selective Soldering

Maxway is also equipped with selective soldering machine to achieve higher reliability by preventing damages to surrounding parts that have been previously soldered in a surface-mount reflow process.

1, Meticulous package make sure the tools for pcb design in good condition after delivery. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd insists on the highest level of finish when completing quality control checks on all tools for pcb design. It takes clarity of vision, preparedness to adapt as you go, a strong commercial focus and total dedication to deliver the tools for pcb design product fully operational.

2, It gives tools for pcb design information about manufacturing expenses and on how well the quality objectives set for a product are achieved. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd has been declared national production base for tools for pcb design products. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd is a well-known company in area with its flagship product being.

3, To save the energy, Maxway puts the eco-friendly materials into use during the production. By painstaking efforts of our designers who are experts in this field for many years, Maxway is highly recommended by our customers. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd offers a matchless collection of tools for pcb design, which are robustly constructed in latest design to perfectly benefit the demands of different customers.

4, Maxway PCB's tools for pcb design Are Made Of High Quality Materials, Featuring Various Design Style. Keeping in mind clients' variegated requirements, we offer an entire range of tools for pcb design in various specifications. A plenty of tools for pcb design have been rewarded in Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd.

5, Many famous brand companies choose our tools for pcb design because they deeply rely on our quality. Superior quality and durability in demanding conditions is expected of tools for pcb designs manufacturers. All our work is carried out by fully qualified engineers and no job is too big or too small.

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